Cat Boarding

Cat Lodging Accommodations & Ammenities

Cats are very special creatures. We love all our Cat Boarding Guests and we really believe they all love us too. Our feline Guests, however, have very different and unique personalities. So at Reisterstown Pet Resort & Spa our cat-loving team takes great pride ensuring our cat boarding guests feel loved, satisfied, and worshiped.  Their accommodations are customized just for felines and are away from their sometimes boisterous canine critters. We're conveniently located in Reisterstown, MD.

cat scratching a post

Lodging Activities for Cats

Reisterstown Pet Resort & Spa offers a wide array of Activities all year long for its cat boarding guests. At least one RPRS staff member is with each Guest regardless of which Activity is requested, to ensure the Guest’s safety and enjoyment. RPRS also offers Group Amenities for feline Guests from the same family. All Activities take place in our private, indoor, cat play area that includes:

  • Feline jungle gyms
  • A rocking chair
  • A large viewing window
  • Various kitty toys

First Night Free for New Boarding Clients

Discount subject to availability and cannot be combined with any other offers. Boarding discount applies to first time customers only.


Both of our award winning Feline Accommodations include:

  • Private fully climate controlled cattery
  • Private Indoor Lodging
  • Daily and On-Call House cleaning
  • Customized Room Service
  • Soothing music playing throughout the day and night to help relax our Guests
  • Comfortable imitation Lambs Wool
  • Fresh Water
  • Stainless Steel and Hardened Plastic Bowls Cleaned Daily and On-Call
  • On-Site Property Resident
  • Daily Guest Wellness Checks
  • Daily Treats


In addition to the complimentary room service provided for all Guests, RPRS Townhouse rates also include a four poster cat bed and a daily Playtime. Each Townhouse is four floors with a private litter section, rising over 7 feet tall it offers a superior view of the RPRS staff members "serving" them.

Cat Townhouse


RPRS' Condos are each two floors with a cubby hole that also offers a clear view of the RPRS staff members "serving" them. Depending upon the number of Guests staying with us, the adjacent Condos can be combined to give a single Guest more space to explore.

Cat Condo

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