Does RBK Offer Daycare Services?

To be very honest, yes and no. That was helpful wasn’t it? 😉 Currently the answer is yes and no because while we do offer day only services (where you pet only stays for the day) they don’t currently fit into the normal framework of “Doggie Daycare.” That is to say RBK, at this time, doesn’t offer one large building where our day only guests stay and run around throughout the day. Utilizing RBK’s award winning over night rooms we take day only guests out with other day only guests as well as over night guests during our daily activities. We can also provide an individual experience for our Day Only guests in that they are only taken out by themselves, they aren’t required to play with other guests.

For all intents and purposes RBK’s Day Only services match our Over Night services exactly save for the fact the guest isn’t staying over night. Check In and Check Out are still any time between 8AM and 5PM, we use the same amazing play areas and all of the same staff are present and providing snuggles and love. RBK’s Day Only services are provided at a flat rate of $25 regardless of the guest’s size. Since RBK charges by night for our Over Night guests, in the event that a guest would need to spend the night then the rate simply becomes the normal over night rate (there won’t be a day only rate and then an over night rate in addition).

The signing of a release form and an evaluation of your pet is required to take part in RBK’s group Day Only services. In the event of bad weather RBK has two indoor play areas and each guest will have access to their own outside covered patio. The patios are covered by an actual roof so they can still “bark in the rain” without actually getting wet!