Dog Daycare

Safe & Fun Dog Daycare

Instead of worrying that your playful bundle of energy will be bored or get into mischief while you’re at work, let them romp and play with friends in our Dog Daycare program with over 50,000 square feet of fenced in play areas at our Reisterstown, MD Pet Resort.

Whether your furry best friend is a social butterfly and loves to be around lots of furry friends or prefers human interaction Reisterstown Pet Resort & Spa can meet their needs.

Dog Daycare Services Include:

  • Stimulating and Fun Activities
  • Private Comfort Suite to Rest and Relax Between Activities
  • Secured Outdoor Play Areas
  • Tailored Play Groups Based on Size and Play Style
  • Individual Private Play For Non-Social Guests
  • Access To Our Outdoor In-Ground Pool/Straw Maze (seasonal)
  • Dog Play Equipment
  • Convenient Fast Check-In

Free Day of Play and Evaluation for New Day Care Clients

Reservation required. Discount subject to availability and cannot be combined with any other offers. Day Care discount applies to first time day care customers only.

Benefits of Dog Day Care & Socialization

Doggie Daycare can make a major difference in your and your dog’s life. Doggie daycare provides exercise, playtime, mental stimulation, and an opportunity to build socialization skills and most importantly–burn off all that crazy energy!


  • Socialization helps dogs learn how to function in your world.
  • Helps build confidence by giving your dog a positive experience with new people, sights, sounds and other dogs.
  • Mental stimulation that encounters new things actually increases a dog’s engagement.
  • Socialization can also reduce anxiety. Anxiety is tied to unwanted behaviors such as excessive barking, chewing or nipping.
  • Poorly socialized dogs are more likely to respond to the unknown with fear and sometimes aggression.
  • Well-socialized dogs are more likely to remain calm.
  • It’s usually best to begin socializing your dog when it’s still a puppy, but adults can also learn.

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