Dog Pool

Dog Swimming

Our outdoor Oasis Paw-adise and our indoor heated Endless Pool allow Reisterstown Pet Resort & Spa to provide a year-round swimming experience for our Guests by offering an amazingly fun and stimulating outdoor experience.


Reisterstown Pet Resort & Spa has three unique swim sessions:

  • Oasis Paw-adise
  • Hydro-Exercise
  • Hydro-Rejuvenation
dog in swimming pool

Oasis Paw-adise

Built with the safety, health, and enjoyment of our Guests as top priorities, the RPRS Oasis Paw-adise has been a smash hit with Guests of all shapes and sizes.


The in-ground pool is:

  • Sloped for ease of entrance and exit (0 to 18 Inches)
  • In the middle of lush landscape and palm trees
  • Surrounded by artificial grass designed specifically for canines
  • Designed for Guest interaction with fountains


*The Oasis Paw-adise is only available to Guests staying a Resort services such as overnight lodging or Daycare.

Hydro Sessions

Hydro-Exercise and Hydro-Rejuvenation sessions take place in Reisterstown Pet Resort & Spa’s indoor heated pool Endless Pool that can be enjoyed by our Canine Guests year-round.


All Endless Pool Hydro Sessions Include:

  • A Non-weight bearing exercise environment
  • One-on-one interaction between a member of our specially trained staff and the Guest in the pool
  • A specially designed and fitted life jacket
  • Assisted entering and exiting from the pool as necessary
  • Current resistance conditioning

Specific session activities such as toys and guided swimming for Exercise sessions and massage, stretching, and specific muscle work for Rejuvenation sessions are also included. *Available by appointment only Monday to Friday.

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