Kenneling Your Pet

Kenneling your pet shouldn’t be seen as nor considered a punishment or bad experience. Kennels provide a fun, professional and, above all else, safe environment for every guest. A kennel strives to make the experience entertaining and relaxing for each guest. Using a kennel also helps avoid territorial issues or behavior that can arise when someone enters your house. Even a docile pet may act differently if uncomfortable in his/her own home.

Guests who are in their own individual rooms are also learning to socialize with the guests next to them and across from them. A pet that has been able to socialize, just like children, are more comfortable and in turn happier in various situations since they know they don’t have to be afraid.

Kennels, even with many guests, are staffed with trained professionals that not only know what to look for but also know how to respond to what they find. Consider looking for a facility that has at least one trained manager on site 24 hours a day and where all full-time staff members have received training in animal CPR, have taken certified courses and receive continuing education in regard to ailments or uncommon pet behavior.

Source: As seen in the Maryland Pet Gazette.