New Amenities At RBK!

RBK is getting ready to announce several changes in regard to our offered amenities. As a thank you to you, our loyal Pet Creed Wit readers, we are telling you first! As you may have noticed we have been adding some things to our largest play area, mainly straw bails in the shape of a maze! Yes that’s right RBK is once again doing the straw maze affectionately known for now on as “RBK’s Paw-venture Maze” and we will even have seasonal themes! During the fall the theme will be “Fall Paw Maze” while in the winter the theme will be “Winter Wonderland Maze.”

We have also been working on an amenity specifically for our smaller guests and have just about finished our new “Tiny Paw Playroom” for you around fun! RBK’s Tiny Paw Playroom will also have seasonal themes of Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. The themes will include specific toys, equipment and decorations. The Tiny Paw Playroom is indoors so no matter the weather or time of year our little guests can enjoy their playroom!

More details, including descriptions and pricing, will be announced shortly. New pricing pamphlets have been designed and ordered to ensure the most convenience for our customers – and if your pet can read also our guests 😉

RBK sincerely hopes that everyone is as excited about our new amenities as we are and we can’t wait until everything is ready to go!