RBK's New Comfort Suites!

For over 22 years RBK’s highest priority has always been the safety, well being and comfort of each and every guest. If that meant additional playtimes or cuddling, a comforting brushout, sitting with them while they ate their meals or actively moving them to a room better suited to their individual needs; if it made the guest’s stay more enjoyable and relaxing that is what we did. The extra effort put forth was paid for by the wagging tails, slobbering kisses and big puppy eyed “thank yous” that we have always cherished here at RBK. We care about your pet as if they were our own, we want to give them an experience they will never forget and will want to have again.

It is because of this that we are proud and excited to announce the most recent of several renovations and upgrades to our original buildings fondly known all these years as the Bunkhouses. These updates have not only brought the Bunkhouses in line with the Cottages but have also given us many new unique options in order to ensure each guest has a wonderful visit.

All of our rooms (except for the Luxuries) now come standard with attached covered outside patios, 1 inch chain-link fencing on the outside which is designed specifically to prevent fence chewing and climbing, radiant floor heat with a special coating to help prevent slippage and allow temperature circulation, air conditioning, non-porous and aesthetically pleasing paneling on the inside rooms, room service (treats, food, water and bowls), bedding and 24/7 soft music. If a guest has medication there isn’t an additional charge for administering the doses.

In addition we now have specially designed canine imitation grass for our small to medium sized guests, colored paneling in canine recognizable shades to help sooth and calm and different sized rooms to assist each guest in feeling secure and nested regardless of their size.

With these changes, recent upgrades to our client management software and to better communicate RBK’s accommodations to our current and future customers as of April 1st 2012 RBK will be combining our Cottages and Bunkhouses to create our new Comfort Suite Accommodations. We are of course keeping our Luxury Suite Accommodations as well. Nightly rates for the Comfort Suites will be determined by your pet’s weight. You no longer have to worry about two different sets of weights and accommodations. At RBK we are sensitive to your pet’s needs and we are so pleased that we are able to offer even more options to make sure your pet is comfortable and happy while they stay at our Pet Resort & Spa.

Please note that all reservations for the remainder of 2012, made prior to March 13th, 2012, will not be subject to the April 1st Accommodation changes in regard to rates.