Respecting Other Pet's Space

There are few things more adorable then seeing pets play together (especially puppies and kittens!). The bouncing, running, nipping and funny sounds all add together to make a wonderful session of cuteness. However, there are pets that simply don’t enjoy the company of other four legged balls of fur, or aren’t in a good mood at that particular time. With the thousands of guests that RBK sees throughout the year we definitely see such situations. Such situations are one of the main reasons that RBK requires all guests remain either on a lead or in a carrier during Check In, Check Out and Tours.

Despite having a bit more hair and using all four legs to walk our pets aren’t much different than their human counterparts when it comes to social situations. Some people don’t mind instant closeness or physical contact from friends or strangers. Others don’t enjoy being some stranger’s leaning post or acting all buddy buddy with someone they just met. Our pets are the same, although their means of greeting each other a tad bit different.

While RBK does offer Group Playtimes and Amenities not all of RBK’s guests are Checking In for that reason. In fact, a majority of our guests are there for overnight stays in our Resort which offer individual rooms. In any environment or situation it is considered polite, to not only our pets but also their owners, to ask if it is ok before letting your pet greet another. Doing so can help avoid any possible “argument” between the pets which, in turn, will provide a rewarding experience for all of those involved. All of us want the best for our pets so by asking and confirming the situation beforehand we can help provide safe and fun experiences.