Things To Remember During Fall

We all love our animals no matter what types they are; dogs, cats, birds, snakes, lizards, fish…… children and spouses (don’t tell us you didn’t think it!). This particular post is specifically for dogs and cats though it can be applied to other types of animals. While there are always hazards to keep an eye out for year around the fall does seemingly pose a collective effort by mother nature and society to create some stress in pet parents.

Below are just some of the things Fall brings us (besides great pictures, cool weather, hot coco by the fire and of course fun snuggles with our pets!):

    • As trees shed their leaves they also tend to drop more twigs and limbs than usual. While a good twig or branch is always fun to fetch the sudden abundance and possible sharp edges from break free from the tree does pose a health hazard to your pet’s mouth, throat and insides.
    • Halloween candy, the kryptonite of any parent’s wish to get to bed at a timely hour, can easily fall victim to the furry vacuums that are our pets. Not only can wrappers become a choking hazard but certain candies, such as chocolate, can cause allergic reactions or act as poisons to pets.
    • While poultry bones should always be carefully discarded to avoid gleeful consumption by our pets Thanksgiving does provide rather more opportunities for our fuzzy friends to get into such trouble. Turkey bones (and if you have a large family; many turkey bones) can become choking hazards and can also cause damage with any sharp edges.
    • Fall also usually brings about cookouts, fires and perhaps scented candles all of which produces flames. Smoke and scented candles can sometimes irritate our pet’s nose and eyes. Some pets may even be scared of fire and could react expectantly in the presence of flames (or smoke).