Updated First Time Guest Pictures Process

After careful consideration and reviewing multiple feedback points we have decided to update our First Time Guest picture distribution method.

In the past we would attempt to email a picture to the email address provided after the picture(s) were taken during the Guest’s first time with us. However, several issues arose that included, but weren’t limited to, lack of email addresses, incorrect email addresses, and delay in the picture processing time frame.

In order to avoid such issues, and to also be able to give more than one picture, when possible, we have decided to utilize our Google+ Social Page to provide access to the First Time Guest Pictures as they are taken. We will still be scheduling the First Time Guest Pictures as normal, however instead of emailing them, they will be uploaded to our Google+ Page.

Using this updated process, all a Customer has to do is go to the galleries posted during their pet’s stay, and barring any technical error, will see their pet’s pictures in one of them.

We are excited to share this new process with our customers and look forward sharing the First Time Guest Pictures going forward!

To view the uploaded pictures please go to the following address: http://www.google.com/+rbkpetresort and check out the appropriate Galleries.