Welcome to RBK's Pet Creed Wit!

Hello and thank you for stopping by! You may be a bit confused about the whole Pet Creed Wit concept. To be honest we have been changing things around so it is understandable if you are. However, hopefully by the end of this post everyone will be on the same page. 🙂

Originally RBK’s Pet Creed Wit was a quarterly newsletter that we printed for distribution in our front office and also emailed to those who signed up to receive it. Although some issues were missed at times that was the setup we have stuck to for several years now.

Going forward though, in an attempt to better engage our customers on a more regular basis (without filling everyone’s email up with announcements of course), we have modified how the Pet Creed Wit will be delivered in the following methods:

  • We are now going to treat RBK’s Pet Creed Wit as a blog on our main website with posts done on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Four times a year we will compile the most popular posts from the previous three months into a printed newsletter like we always have. The printed edition will be available at our front desk and will be emailed in PDF format to those that have subscribed.
  • Coming Soon!  We will also be integrating RBK’s Pet Creed Wit into the Google Wave application for dynamic viewing. The Google Wave application is free and is available on all major mobile platforms.

The First Post of RBK’s Pet Creed Wit Will Be Published On Tuesday, October 9th!