Why Are RBK's Hours The Way They Are?

RBK, in one form or another, has been in business since the 1970s. While certain procedures were revised when the kennel was purchased by Bob Gakenheimer, Velma Gakenheimer, Dr. Eddie Molesworth and Josie Molesworth in 1992 those that had been designed for the safety of our guests were kept. One of those procedures was being closed on Sundays and Major Holidays.

We have found that having a day for our guests to relax and not have to experience the hustle and bustle associated with a day that the front desk is open is very helpful to their comfort and well being. Checking In and Checking Out guests aren’t the only activities associated with a normal day; there are also bathing and grooming schedules, specific cleaning schedules and more. By having a day where the schedule can be shifted to take into account that the front office is closed provides a needed break to the normal routine. This allows guests to remain stimulated in a healthy and safe manner.

The six major holidays RBK is closed, in addition to Sundays, also provide a time for employees to spend with their friends and family. Our staff are compassionate, caring and adoring animal lovers and their well being and good nature is reflected in everything that we do. The reputation RBK has developed over the years is, in no small part, because of our staff and of course our guests. Their well being will always be RBK’s highest priorities and as such one of our established procedures is to be closed on Sundays and Major Holidays.