Why Did My Pet Get Hurt/Sick?

RBK takes great care to ensure not only the safety and well being of each guest but also their health. Some of those cares include, but are definitely not limited to, requiring certain vaccinations, not accepting outside bedding, cleaning and disinfecting each room daily and also as needed, washing bedding daily, replacing and sterilizing food and water bowls daily and picking up after each guest as needed. Unfortunately, no matter how many precautions one takes accidents and illness can still happen.

Just like children at camp, going to school or playing with friends, sometimes guests can slip in the grass and become sore, play a little too rough with each other and get a scratch or perhaps run a little too hard because the grass and weather feels so good. All staff members at RBK are trained to prevent accidents whenever possible but every once in a while some of our guests are simply very determined balls of fur.

Even with all of the cleaning RBK preforms and even if the guest is up-to-date on their vaccinations they can still get “sick.” An upset stomach, a cold, sneezing, allergies or something similar. Just like the human flu shot some canine vaccinations only vaccinate against a certain number of the most prevalent strands (out of dozens if not more) from the previous year. Thankfully all of RBK’s policies and procedures have prevented us from ever having a severe outbreak of any kind which spans over 20 years now.