Our History

With over 50 years of pet handling experience and 27 years of pet lodging and grooming business experience, Reisterstown Pet Resort & Spa is proud to champion continued education for all staff members.

In 1990, Reisterstown Boarding Kennels, Inc. was purchased by the partnership of Dr. Eddie Molesworth, his wife Josie Molesworth, and Josie's parents Bob and Velma Gakenheimer with a goal to provide safe and enjoyable pet care to the Guests left in their care. In the year 2000, RBK was able to build a million-dollar installation that included a dedicated grooming salon, office space, one of the very first in the area at that time, Luxury Suites, and an upgraded version of what was called the Bunkhouse Rooms at that time.

Around 2005 Bob and Velma began to transition out of the day-to-day management of the company with Josie Molesworth and her brother Bobby Gakenheimer stepping in. Over the next 11 years RBK invested over half a million dollars into Suite upgrades, an outdoor in-ground pool, creating over 50,000 square feet of outdoor fenced-in play areas, specially designed pet play equipment, building upgrades, and equipment upgrades, all with the single goal of providing the safest and most enjoyable stay possible for our Guests. Some of our upgrades set area standards, others were the product of industry research, but all were based on our company's mission and with over 40 years of pet handling experience.

In 2017 Bobby concluded that it was time for him to do the traveling he had always wanted to do and after various discussions, it was decided that Jason Molesworth, Dr. Eddie Molesworth, and Josie Molesworth's son would take over the day to day operations of the company. By the end of January, the transition was completed. RBK is proud to say that it is a third-generation company, now with the name Reisterstown Pet Resort & Spa, that will continue with its Guests First mission at its core as it continues forward in the industry.

Today, we provide award-winning pet lodging, grooming, and daycare services to the Baltimore (Baltimore County, and Baltimore City) area, Carroll County, and Howard County. We look forward to your pet's visit.