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A Word from RBK’s Groomers

June 20, 2017

They're our fabulous doggy and kitty stylists who work year ­round to make sure our Guests feel, smell and look great, so now we're putting them in the spotlight with their top tips for grooming gratification.

  • As groomers, we love our job and we want our canine and feline clients to enjoy the experience as much as possible too. Always being matted and having tangles is not a happy experience for any pets. Frequent grooming leads to healthier and more relaxed pets.
  • Many pets are groomed less during colder weather in the assumption that more hair will help keep them warmer. However, pets should actually be groomed more frequently during this time, as longer hair needs to be bathed and professionally brushed out to prevent matting and tangles. If the matting is too thick, it can result in the coat needing to be shaved. Matted hair can also lead to skin issues.
  • We welcome and encourage clients to bring in pictures of specific cuts or styles they are looking to get for their pets. We always aim to please, but sometimes things can get lost in translation, and visual aids can be a great help in ensuring that the desired outcome is obtained. It is also important to note that certain styles may take time to grow the coat long enough to style and will subsequently need frequent grooming in order to maintain the style.
  • We recommended scheduling grooms every six to eight weeks, depending on the pet's coat length and lifestyle. Dogs and cats who have coats that matt easily and/or who spend a lot of time working or playing outside should be groomed more frequently in order to maintain a clean, tangle-free coat. Frequent grooming not only allows you to keep your pets in longer hairstyles but also promotes healthier skin and coats. Re­booking the next appointment during pick­up guarantees that clients are able to stay on schedule and up to date with grooming maintenance.