Canine Pet Resort Amenitites

All of our activities are individual by nature, however, we also provide some in a group format for guests from the same family and guests that have been evaluated and found to have the right temperament to play well with others.

At Reisterstown Pet Resort & Spa we understand each guest is unique, having their own personality, preferences, and needs. Additionally, we want each guest to have as much fun as possible while they stay with us so we tailor their activities to their uniqueness. We also love to hear about the times our guests aren’t with us so we can make any updates to our notes to see if we need to suggest any changes to their activities.

With eleven outdoor, fenced-in, play areas totaling over 50,000 square feet of fun, special dog play equipment, an outdoor in-ground pool, and a large variety of available activities we can meet the needs of any guest.

Oasis Paw-adise Swimming Pool

Built with the safety, health, and enjoyment of our guests as top priorities, the Reisterstown Pet Resort & Spa Oasis Paw-adise has been a smash hit with guests of all shapes and sizes.

The in-ground pool is:

  • Sloped for ease of entrance and exit (0 to 24 Inches)
  • In the middle of lush landscape
  • Surrounded by artificial grass designed specifically for canines
  • Designed for Guest interaction with fountains

*The Oasis Paw-adise Swimming Pool is only available to our daycare or overnight lodging guests. Please contact us with any questions.

Canine Accomodations

Both of our award-winning Canine Accommodations provide the following complimentary services:

  • Climate-Control with Radiant Floor Heat and Central AC
  • Private Indoor Lodging with Private Outdoor Elimination Area
  • Daily and On-Call House cleaning
  • Customized Room Service - We exclusively serve Pure Vita dog food as our in-house food choice which is an all-natural holistic pet food that comes in a variety of tasty dry and wet flavors, as well as several grain free and grain-inclusive options.
  • Soothing music playing throughout the day and night to help relax our Guests.
  • Comfortable imitation Lambs Wool and/or Raised Kuranda Bed.
  • Fresh Water
  • Stainless Steel Bowls Cleaned Daily and On-Call
  • On-Site Property Resident
  • Daily Guest Wellness Checks
  • Daily Treats

Comfort Dog Lodging Suites

With multiple suite sizes, ranging from 12 square-foot rooms (3' x 4') to 20 square-foot rooms (4' x 5'), each with a 4' x 8' to 4' x 12' outside covered patio our Comfort Suites were designed to meet the needs of any guest and to help them enjoy themselves as much as possible.

Luxury Dog Lodging Suites

In addition to the complimentary services provided for all guests our Luxury Suite rates also include a tiled floor, raised bed, flatscreen TV with cable, a daily activity (group or individual), and a special treat (Kong, Ice Cream, Etc.). Each Luxury Suite is 42 square feet (6' x 7') inside and has a 6' x 10 1/2' outside covered terrace.